Re: Rhythmbox Predictive Playback - Weekly Report

Charlotte Curtis schrieb:

This week I will be working on testing my plugin on my much slower
laptop, and doing whatever optimization is required.  I will also make
some UI changes - right now I've got a popup window, which I heard is
bad news, and I don't have any notification of the running process.
Finally, I realized that I have a major flaw in how my program works:
I use Python's subprocess.Popen module to call an executable, but I
pass as an argument the list of songs that are currently in the
playlist.  Obviously, the maximum length of this argument is limited.
I haven't yet hit that limit in my testing, but I'm sure it's there.
My options for getting around this seem to be:
a) Rewrite the plugin in C++
b) Change the executable to one that reads in arguments while its
running and then use subprocess.communicate to pass it the values
c) Write the list to a file and read it from the executable

I'd love to be able to do (a), but I'm not quite sure that I have the
time.  (b) would probably be the second-best solution, because (c)
would be an annoying amount of reading/writing.  On the other hand, it
may not be as much of a problem as I imagine, so maybe it's okay

You could also change the executable to read from stdin and provide the files that way.

Sebastian Pölsterl

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