Re: Rhythmbox Predictive Playback - Weekly Report

Hey everyone,

Week six was only three days long for me because of Canada day, but
that turned out to be positive for productivity.  One of Rhythmbox's
developers (Jonathan Matthew) had apparently spent some time looking
at my code, and sent me a version that used iterators instead of a for
loop.  Working from this code was a great jump ahead, and I now have a
version that does the song analysis stuff nicely.

This week I will implement the feature matching/song queuing code, at
which point I should hopefully have a completely functional plugin
(albeit missing many of the features I'd like to put in).  My next
challenge will be figuring out a good way of making it easy for other
people to test.  Since it depends on the svn version of Marsyas (which
is pretty big), I might just make statically-linked executables,
although I've been warned that I have to be careful because of
licensing issues.

Other than that, summer seems to be flying by.  My car (which I plan
on driving from Toronto to Calgary at the end of August) overheated in
a bad way last week - three times in a 200km drive all of the coolant
leaked out.  Oddly enough, it didn't leak at all when it was sitting
on the road for five days.  So, I figured it was a pinhole leak that
would only go under pressure, and I picked up a bottle of Bar's Leaks
and poured it in.  As I was doing this, a couple of neighbours who
happen to be mechanics came by, and both were convinced that my head
gasket had gone.  However, while I was running the engine to get the
Bar's Leaks circulating, my boyfriend caught a glimpse of coolant
spraying out of a crack in a hose.

Long story short, my 11 year old car with 250 000 km needs a $5 piece
of 6-inch hose, instead of a $1000+ head gasket replacement.  Woo!

And now, back to coding...


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