Conduit & Mobile Devices - Week 7

Oops! I thought I had already sent this, but it appears it go lost in
my TODO list upon return from Istanbul. GUADEC was great, and I
returned from there really motivated to improve mobile device support
in Conduit.

This week I made the 0.3.12 Conduit release. I have also been working
on some necessary python infrastructure for mobile device sync, namely
arbitary parameter merging. The motivation for this is that when
synchronizing datatypes with multiple parameters, often some changes
can be automatically merged, without causing a conflict - like when
changing the phone number in one contact, and the address in another.
The other, and I think more important use case is when syncing contact
information to something like a phone. When going from the PC ->
Phone, a lot of fields may be lost (i.e. phone may not support the
address vcard attribute). Arbitary parameter merging will prevent
synchronization in the opposite direction (PC -> Phone) showing false
errors, i.e. the misinterpretation of a missing address as it been
deleted, when really it is not supported.

I am also moving all my Code over to the new GNOME bzr server



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