Soylent - Progress Report - Week 7

Hi folks!

Is this the latest Progress Report ever? ;)

What happened? On monday my notebook almost gave up life (i.e. I could switch it on but it would switch off again when it wanted to...). It turned out to be a heating problem. HP sent a support guy to my house, and while "reparing" we saw that there was a lot of dust in the heating-system (you had to remove the heating-system to see that... the dust was not in the fan, I looked that up myself). Since removing the dust my notebook works well again. And for me that means: back to GSoC after another couple of "lost" days.

What I did last week you can see in the release-announcement [1] on my blog. After releasing version 0.1 I finished the addressbook-functionality. And then my notebook gave up.

I won't tell you what I did today, else I wouldn't have to say much in the next progress report ;) .

Anyway, v0.2 is on a good way and will be released on sunday or monday (if nothing comes in my way again...). See you next week :)

- Sven


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