MediaManager, week 7

Hi everyone,

Last week I have been to Istanbul, to attend GUADEC. It has been an
amazing time there, and I have been really happy to meet, socialize and
share ideas with the other SoC students and some of the GNOME gurus :P

Together with Bastien, Clemens and Felix, we planned the next final
steps for the MediaManager project. Also, it seems that Felix' project
(Cheese integration) will be one of the first clients to use my
MediaManager library to expose cool features in the GtkFileChooser! :)

== Work to be done ==

- Write a set of widgets wrapping around the backend code
- Write a GtkModule that hooks up into the GtkFileChooser to achieve my
ultimate SoC goal of integration with it.

== Timeline ==

I don't know how much work I will be able to do in this following week
until the 23rd of July, as I'm having some exams in this timeframe.
Anyway, afterwards I'll be home until the 10th of August at least and
working again full-time on the project, so I came up with this plan,
which would be perfectly synced with both the SoC timeline and my
holidays :)

- 24th of July to 31st of July, writing of the widgets
- 1st of August to 5th of August, writing of the GtkModule
- 6th of August to 10th of August, final bugfixing & release

Feel free to mail me for any suggestions on the widget part or if you
think your application needs some specific widget to use my library. I
will start coding them in the next week, so there's still time for



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