Re: Weekly Update:LLMNR Protocol Integration in Avahi.


Last week I finished my remaining work in avahi-client/avahi-daemon, which actually came up as fixing few bugs in avahi-core, also did some changes in uniqueness verification process while publishing new host-name and in AvahiSAddressResolver to finish reverse lookup properly if user has not mentioned which protocol to use for lookup [wide_area/mdns/llmnr]. After that, I've been spending my time in testing, no documentation though. :)

So now, avahi-core API's do support LLMNR and avahi-daemon resolves and publishes LLMNR names, so is Avahi command line utilities 'avahi-resolve' and 'avahi-publish'. No changes in DBus API's of Avahi. This completes all my GSoC goals. [happy]

Summer of code, like everyone else, has been an amazing experience. I'd like to thank my mentor Trent LLoyd, and Lennart Poettering for helping and guiding me throughout the program and to answer all my queries, though stupid sometimes. :)

I'm also very thankful to Vincent, Lucas and the whole GNOME community for giving me this wonderful opportunity, which has opened many things for me. After finishing everything regarding GSoC, I do have many plans about what I'd like to do next!

Sunil Ghai

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