Re: Weekly Update:LLMNR Protocol Integration in Avahi.


Firstly, sorry for last week, I couldn't send the report because of the unavailability of Internet connection for first few days [I was moving to hostels] and then it was too late. But last two weeks have been productive, finally things are coming to an end for me too.

In short, what I initially did in avahi-core was kind of addition of new API's for LLMNR separately but Lennart suggested me to get them integrated in present API's itself and have some mechanism to detect automatically which protocol should be used otherwise client can mention it through flags. I spent some good time doing this, then did some code-cleanup followed by a very short session on testing after making the changes. Everything is working nicely, looks nice to list all Vista machines on LAN and to publish your own names too through LLMNR. :)

Fortunately after making those changes work in further libraries reduced to very less as almost all of the things are working internally now, and since I had already spent  nice amount of time reviewing their code so this didn't take much time and I'm almost done with them too [hoping to finish by tonight or tomorrow]. So all in all, very near to achieve my GSoC goals. Next week plans are to spend some more time on testing and to do code-cleanup at few places.

This might be a last week for some of you guys but I'd like to send one more report next week. ;)
Congrats to all those who have finished their projects!

Sunil Ghai

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