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On Di, 2008-08-19 at 15:26 +0200, Filippo Argiolas wrote:
> Hey all! Here is my last report for this summer ;)
> This past week has probably been the most productive since midsummer!
> I know I should have passed last days busy with code polishing,
> documentation and other boring stuff (and partly I did.. well no
> documentation but some polishing for sure :P) but I finally had the
> chance to freely work on the new gstreamer gl branch!
> As you might remember from last report, the previous week all major
> issues that prevented me to port the effects in the master branch were
> fixed. There are still a couple of minor things yet to be solved but
> we're working on them.
> So I ported most of the effects I did in the first half of the summer, I
> did some restructuring and polishing work, reorganizing the source tree
> (before everything was on a single file, now each effect has its own
> file and the ones that do similar things are grouped).
> I had to rewrite a couple of effects and some part of the infrastructure
> code to better fit new branch but most of them worked with minimal
> efforts (thanks to the work done in the previous week).
> Let's summarize last changes:
> * gleffects:
> little excerpt from "gst-inspect gleffects":
> (0): identity         - Do nothing Effect
> (1): mirror           - Mirror Effect
> (2): squeeze          - Squeeze Effect
> (3): stretch          - Stretch Effect
> (5): fisheye          - FishEye Effect
> (6): twirl            - Twirl Effect
> (7): bulge            - Bulge Effect
> (4): tunnel           - Light Tunnel Effect
> (8): square           - Square Effect
> (9): heat             - Heat Signature Effect
> (10): sepia            - Sepia Toning Effect
> (11): xpro             - Cross Processing Effect
> (12): lumaxpro         - Luma Cross Processing Effect
> (13): sin              - All Grey but Red Effect
> (14): glow             - Glow Lighting Effect
> - sepia and xpro now have brand new curves that make them look a lot
> more pleasant.
> - I found some time to write sin, a SinCity inspired effect that turns
> everything to gray leaving only red shades. Probably needs some more
> tuning, it's nearly impossible to exclude red tones of the human skin
> (particulary facial one), but I'm quite proud of it :)
> * gstglpixbufoverlay:
> * gstgldifferencematte:
> - I was working since some time on these filters but never had chance to
> complete. Now they work in the new branch too.
> The first paints a semitransparent image over the video stream and the
> latter does a sort chromakey effect replacing background with a photo.
> * tests:
> - fxtest (the effects test app) is now able to use custom source bin
> descriptions through GOption. 
> - added a test app for pixbufoverlay and differencematte, it's basically
> fxtest but it can receive images draganddropped images.
> * clutter:
> I found some time to cleanup and fix some clutter experiment I did. They
> use glx texture from pixmap to create a ClutterActor from the gst-gl
> sink. It's not like sharing texture handles but work quite well and
> fast, it's a sort of xoverlay on a clutteractor.
> There is some example in the source tree, one does a simple animation
> with the video texture and the other is a starting point for a live
> effect preview widget. I'll probably make a screencast in the next days.

nono, you have to! ;)

> That's all for this summer!
> It's been an amazing time, sometimes a bit stressful, but most of all I
> had fun and I learned so much!
> Thank you Daniel for being a good mentor, for letting me work on Cheese,
> for supporting and encouraging me, for letting me rearrange my goals,
> for everything ;) there is still a beer (even a case of beers :P)
> waiting for you here!

nice to know, hehe

> Thanks David Schleef for giving me commit access to gstreamer cvs,
> letting me work on his code and in the new git branch, Julien for being
> helpful and open to my opinions, critics and suggestions. 
> Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me, the guys from
> #gstreamer, ##OpenGL, Clutter guys, the whole GNOME community, everyone!
> A big thanks to my girlfriend for being my best supporter and tester,
> and for standing while I negleted her for code :).
> Thank you also if you read this whole report ;)!
> Cheers,
> Filippo
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