Vala support plugin for Anjuta - Last Report


Summer of Code is over, I think it's been a good experience for me.
At the beginning, I didn't think I'd hack on gdb (I was thinking about making a
wrapper in my anjuta plugin, but It's better to do it directly in gdb so
that others can use it), but finally, I've done it. I'd also like to thank my
mentor Jürg Billeter, the folks on #vala for their help when I was faced with
vala's quirks.

This week, I've (somewhat) completed gdb support for vala, it still has some
rough edges, mainly that it uses the java parser and doesn't call GType to get
the runtime type of objects, but I think it's useable as it is now. I couldn't
test it with nemiver since it seems to use /usr/bin/gdb instead of looking in
the path, nor with anjuta because I somehow messed my install.

My Anjuta plugin itself won't be included in gnome 2.24 but I think it'll be in
2.26 (and I hope vala itself will be included aswell).  I think I'll be
enjoying being part of the Gnome community.

I'll post my latest (gdb) patch on my blog as soon as possible.


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