Cheese and OpenGL - 11th week report

Hey, I almost forgot about the report this week too.. I'm starting to
lose the attention, I probably need some vacation :).

Last week I've been very busy trying to port effects from gst-plugins-gl
cvs branch to the new one.
I thought it would have been a simple thing since I passed the other
week preparing the room for them, but I was wrong. The new branch is
still in a early stage and it needed some refactoring and bug fixing
before to start to work on the effects.

Since it uses a custom thread management for gl things it was a pain to
execute arbitrary gl calls within the gl context.
So I added some convenience function to run custom gl code within the
thread from a filter. This makes filter developing a lot easier because
there is no more need to add new functions to gstgldisplay each time I
want to do something that still is not supported.

Texture management also needed some love (texture memory was reallocated
several times for each frame) but it involved some non trivial
restructuring in Julien's code and I had to wait since Monday because he
was on holidays.

Now each major issue seems fixed, so I started the real merging work.
I already added a skeleton for GstGLEffects and ported the first effects
(Identity and Mirror right now). I plan to port almost all the effects
between this night and tomorrow so I'll have some time to cleanup
everything before the deadline.

I'd have really hoped to do something different at this stage of the
Summer of Code, like making the effects work with Cheese or go on with
Clutter experiments, but this merge really slowed down the whole thing.
I hope I'll manage to do some of those things for 2.26!

Anyway I didn't stop to work on Cheese, I gave some help with bug
triaging and solving. I really needed to distract me from gst-gl because
some times it was quite frustrating, each issue I solved opened the door
to a bunch of new ones, some part of Julien's code is really
over-complicated and it was a pain to add even simplest things.
Working on cheese bugzilla was a good change to move my attention away
and relax a bit.

Let's get back to work, hear you the next week!


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