Re: Tagging & Emblems Weekly Reports

Hello world,

the last days have been quite exciting. I was working on an API for
emblems in GIO/GIcon together with Matthias Clasen, which made it into
glib/gio just in time so that it will also be in the gnome release.

I will now work on making Nautilus aware of emblemed icons from gio.
Even though there is not much embleming done by gio, yet, but this will
be the enabler for further work going towards the vision I presented in
my application. And the code in Nautilus concerning emblems needs quite
some cleanup for that.

Besides, I am currently staying at my mentors place. We are having a lot
of fun and mainly have done hacking for getting things inside gnome
before monday.
At his place, there's a very a bold little gnome running around, messing
up his whole place and creating a lot of attention... but stay tuned ...
pictures and blogging on that soon.

have fun


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