Cheese and OpenGL - 10th week report

Hi, it seems that writing report on time it's not my best skill..

This week I've been very busy with getting a basic two rendering step
filter (a blur one) work with the new gst-plugins-gl branch.
It's the most basic thing needed for the other effects to work so it was
a needed step to start the real porting work.

We (me and Julien) managed to get it work soon but it was painfully
slow! With a 30 fps video from my webcam I got 1-3 fps. I had to deeply
look in Julien's code to find out what was taking so much gpu time.
It took some time but I found the bug, we were reallocating texture
memory on each frame. Texture memory accesses are one of the more time
consuming things with opengl and they must be carefully limited.
After fixing this I still had 15 fps instead of 30 fps, so having no
more ideas I looked for a good opengl debugger.
With NVPerfKit and BuGLe I found that 15 fps was the effective framerate
coming from the webcam and that 30 fps was just the advertised one.
So the framerate issue is almost fixed. There are still another couple
of issues with this new branch but I'm quite confident we'll solve them
The next week I'll try to make all the effects I developed since today
work with the new branch. This could be also a good chance to test and
polish the code a bit more.

For the gst-plugins-gl stuff that's all. 
I did also give some help with the 2.23.6 cheese release (the issue with
gst-gl was really getting me crazy, I needed to distract me someway).
I fixed a couple of issues with the thumbnail generation code. 
Now thumbnail are generated on a dedicated thread so the ui doesn't
freeze if it takes too much, a loading icon is set while the thumbnailer
is working and a fallback icon is displayed if it fails.
I also added support for file deleting if move to trash fails.



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