Weekly Report - Individual Workspace Wallpapers

I've been away visiting my girlfriend the last 5 days so haven't had any chance to do any work over that time.

I've now added a drop down combo box to set which workspace you are applying the settings to. A number of people have said on my blog that a checkbox would be sufficient but I think that the combo box is clearer as to what exactly the behaviour is; it shows which workspace you are currently changing the settings for and also allows you to set the preferences for other workspaces without switching workspaces. I've added some intelligence to the combo box so that it tracks the workspace changes, defaulting to setting preferences for All Workspaces if the settings for all workspaces are identical or not set.

I'm also thinking about how to get all of this working with compiz and without the duplicate code between nautilus and g-s-d. The conclusion I've come to is to take nautilus' approach of drawing a desktop container on each workspace, but having this code in gnome-desktop instead, having nautilus retrieve the window from gnome-desktop for drawing the icons.


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