F-Spot sidebar improvements: Week 10 Report

Hi all!

 [ For information about my GSoC project, fast-forward to the bottom ]

Work steadily continues on the sidebar, am now working towards getting
my work integrated in trunk. I released a first version patch this week,
together with a call for testers.

The list of remaining tasks grows shorter: I've modularised the code
this week (everything is now extendable through mono-addins). Currently
working on making the sidebar page switching context-aware.

I've spent quite some time last week to revive the gegl C# bindings,
which are unfortunately very broken. No luck yet, as GAPI appears to be
highly complex. Maybe more poking at this soon, but first it's time to
get the sidebar work out of the door.

About the project:

I will be working on F-Spot and concentrate on the sidebar, editing
tools and other usability work.


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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