Re: Memory Fragmentation - Weekly Report

<-- Week 10 -->


As you probably read on my blog [1], I have finished my main tool and I have also made a script that makes it very easy to run. Here's what you need to do:

- get my sources from my repository [2]
- do a "make" in bprof/ folder
- download valgrind's official sources [3]
- overwrite massif/ms_main.c with my own version
- build and install valgrind
- install gnuplot
- run "bprof/ program_name" , where program_name is the program you want to analyze, including possible arguments

I have been out of contact with my mentor for some time and I'd really like to talk a little more with someone about my project, so if any of you want to step up and offer some help, I would be very grateful. Just send me a private mail.


Andrei Soare

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