Conduit & iPod Module - Week 10


Last week was a bit slow. I managed to get the tests to run after my internet came back. With it I fixed all the bugs up until the conversion would start, but then I had a problem with an GObject signal not being received, and it took me a few days until I talked to my mentor and he helped me with the problem. My code was being written with a multi-threaded enviroment in mind, but the tests were running inside the same thread, so my code blocked the mainloop and the signal could never be received.
Now the conversion is working, and I believe it finishes successfully, but I dont get any answer back. What seems to be very similar to the problem I was having before, I'm running the entire code in a new thread now, so it cant be the same thing. It is probably a problem with the pipeline, but the code is very similar to the Discoverer class, which works perfectly.
I took the time to fix another few remaining issues, such as the encoding parameters and the audio conversion (still untested tough).

I'm back at my college, and classes have just began. It's the beginning of the semester, so things are very slow, and I think I'll have even more time for the project now.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

EngComp 06 - USP São Carlos

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