Re: Week 10 progress report

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 11:10 PM, Zhang Shunchang <freebsd13 gmail com> wrote:
> This week i have studied the gmime and intoduced this lib into my
> projects at last, which is used to parse the MimeMultipartSigned message
> and get the PGP/GPG Key. And then import the keys into the local chain,
> i used the Seahorse DisplayNotification() DBus API at
> org.gnome.seahorse.KeyService to notify the key imported. there is a
> snapshot in my blog:)

If you're using the ImportKeys method to import any keys you have
found, you should get the notification for free without having to call
DisplayNotification.  If not than it's a bug and please report it in

> The next week i will try to introduce the gnome-kering into my
> project(maybe far away from my original application's goal ? --
> integration of the Seahorse), and use it to manage the certificates,
> mainly about the UI design.

Eventually, this will probably make it into the DBus interface and
libcryptui to prevent the developer using certificates to have to
delve too deep into the gnome-keyring internals, but as you can tell
from Stef's recent mail to d-d-l [1] it's not in yet and certificates
in seahorse are still experimental.




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