Evolution Account Management - Report 10

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Buenos Dias!

Last week, I got rid of bonobo :) It wasn't as hard as I thought in
first place. It took quite a while to dig the code, but once I saw what
properties were fetched, I could do that myself, i.e. w/o the need of
bonobo. That means, that the small email-account-editing program is now
pretty fast and doesn't have a dependency on bonobo any more (though the
dependent libevolution-mail does). As I patch evolution for that, I
don't know, however, whether I break anything. But I think I don't, that
probably has to be evaluated.

That is great news I think, but that's all for the last week as well.

Oh I still have one: I tried to play around with git-svn and I have a
couple of problems. I think it sucks UI wise. The first thing it did,
was to leave git in a state it couldn't work with. It somehow added a
couple of the same configuration entries and complained about that. But
it told me neither the corrupt file nor what to do with it to make it
work. Not that it's bad enough to leave it in a corrupt state or to
complain about that ridiculous issue (the config entries even had the
same values so it could have just squashed them), git could have told me
what to do now anyway. And yes, I don't have much experience with git[-svn].
Then I wanted to create a diff which works well with my svn
environment[1] but I couldn't just use like "git-svn diff" what I
actually expected. Apparently, I read those man pages but I still don't
know how to create a patch which looks the same as an svn diff.
Also, I wanted to know, what Changesets it would commit, if I do git-svn
dcommit, but there seems to be no "git-svn outgoing" or
"about-to-be-committed" switch. So I am afraid of using it, because I
can't know what it will do the gnome svn repos.
But as this isn't the lost-in-git-helpline, I'll stop crying. (But if
anybody has answers, I'd be glad...) I just wanted you to know where I
left my time...

That's all for now. Thanks for your attention and cheers,

[1] I have some simple scripts like
dry ()
    patch -p0 --dry-run < $1
which I just want to use.
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