Conduit & Mobile Devices - Week 9

Hi Everyone, aplologies for the late report.

Unfortunately not too much progress this week. I was tied up all week discussing Conduit for GNOME 2.24 on desktop devel list, and as a result have been frantically making fixes for the next release.

On the positive side, a bug which was preventing some many things I wanted to do in pybindgen [1] has been fixed, so I was able to port more of the libsyncml unit tests from C --> python.

I am making a Conduit release tonight, which will leave next week free for me to make some more excellent progress on pylibsyncml, which at this stage is the relatively painful process of porting a test, watching it crash some time later, and then reading the libsyncml docs to see if I forgot/mistakenly transferred ownership from the caller to the calee. Sigh...


[1] Altomatic marshalling None --> NULL for wrapped C libs

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