Re: hello folks

Hi :)

On 23.04.2008 11:57 Sebastian Pölsterl wrote:
Seems that Germany and especially Munich is ruling this year's SoC ;)

Count me in! Not to the bavarian students, but to the german ones. Not that Bavaria would belong to Germany, but that's another story ;-)

I am Tobias Mueller from Hamburg, Germany and I hack (again) on Evolution. This time I'll rewrite the account management to not have bloated classes which duplicate efforts already done in GConf. I get bonuspoints if dconf is supported and if all account-settings (email, calender, addressbook) are handled through a nice control-applet. The higher-level goal is to have an account management outside Evolution itself.

If you happen to be around Hamburg, drop me a line, I'm sure that I can introduce you to good coffees and beers :)


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