Re: VoIP and video call client using Telepathy - Final Report

Yes! Integration with the main branch of Empathy has not yet started but with my code submission, the current version of Empathy (0.12), and the necessary equipment and accounts at either end, yes, you can call her!


daniel g. siegel wrote:
does that mean i can call my girlfriend by using empathy??


On Mo, 2007-09-10 at 21:03 +0100, Elliot Fairweather wrote:
Hi all,

Now that GSoC is over and I have submitted my code to Google, I think it's time to give you all a quick summary of how my project went.

Starting with the good news:

Empathy now has support for XMPP (GoogleTalk) and SIP based calls!

Some screenshots here:

At the moment code can be downloaded from:
but when my request for a GNOME account goes through (nudge), the code should fairly swiftly be merged with the rest of Empathy.

Calls are very sensitive to your Farsight and Telepathy Stream Engine setup. This was the major stumbling block for my project and a cause of much frustration. Some of these problems may be allayed by completing the refactoring of stream engine, a task for which I may have volunteered myself...

I shall be continuing to work on the voice and video side of Empathy by the grace of Collabora Limited, during which time I hope to complete the final goals of my project as well as much more.

Improvements and features in the near future will include splitting the UI into smaller components for better desktop integration and a SIP dialpad widget.

It has been a brilliant summer, my thanks to all those who made this possible!

Watch this space!

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