Re: VoIP and video call client using Telepathy - Final Report

does that mean i can call my girlfriend by using empathy??


On Mo, 2007-09-10 at 21:03 +0100, Elliot Fairweather wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that GSoC is over and I have submitted my code to Google, I think 
> it's time to give you all a quick summary of how my project went.
> Starting with the good news:
> Empathy now has support for XMPP (GoogleTalk) and SIP based calls!
> Some screenshots here:
> At the moment code can be downloaded from:
> but when my request for a GNOME account goes through (nudge), the code 
> should fairly swiftly be merged with the rest of Empathy.
> Calls are very sensitive to your Farsight and Telepathy Stream Engine 
> setup. This was the major stumbling block for my project and a cause of 
> much frustration. Some of these problems may be allayed by completing 
> the refactoring of stream engine, a task for which I may have 
> volunteered myself...
> I shall be continuing to work on the voice and video side of Empathy by 
> the grace of Collabora Limited, during which time I hope to complete the 
> final goals of my project as well as much more.
> Improvements and features in the near future will include splitting the 
> UI into smaller components for better desktop integration and a SIP 
> dialpad widget.
> It has been a brilliant summer, my thanks to all those who made this 
> possible!
> Watch this space!
> Regards,
> Elliot
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