[PiTiVi] Progress Update

Refreshing everyone's memory, PiTiVi is an open source, non-linear video editor. I'm working on a simplified interface which replicates iMovies's functionality. PiTIVi is organized around the concept of a "timeline" which contains multiple "sources" each with an associated start point and duration.

Last week I had wanted to work on the editing widget, but I ran into this bug which caused PiTiVi to crash when dragging a source ot the timeline for the first time. The problem was related to an instructional message displayed in the timeline initially. My first attempt at a solution completely broke the code by rendering the timeline invisible. I lost several days on this effort. I lost a couple of days last week due to traveling from Burlingame, CA to San Diego, CA, a round trip distance of rougly 1000 miles. I took one day to rest after returning, and then lost another day due to a migraine headache.

The last few days have been relatively productive. I spent some time cleaning up the editing widget. Chief among my concerns was making sure that the thumbnails in the SimpleEditingWidget were updated properly when the source's start and stop times were set. I also spent a good amount of time making the editing slider functional; however, I think I will probably re-implement most of this code later, when I make a separate "PipelineSlider" class.

--Brandon Lewis

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