Progress report - Bluetooth stuff

Hi everyone,

These reports were intended for mondays, however they have spread
through entire week. Isn't it nice? You have something to read every
day. So much for my excuse for sending this report late :)

So my progress isn't that substantial yet. Right now I'm in the midst of
a fight with OBEX protocol. Only recently I decided that it would be
worthwhile for me to read OBEX specifications. There are 5 of them, but
only 3 are worth reading right now. I hope this reading will have a
positive impact on my implementation. 

Last week I was still having some difficult time with DBus glib
bindings. Kids, don't forget that when you want to return a gchar* you
have to g_strdup() it (this comes from "trial and error" sort of
knowledge which is presented to you by sufficient documentation in OSS).
Anyway, I think it would be better to write some tutorial instead of
whining here. On the other hand, Ori's work should vastly improve the
ease of use for DBus-glib.

And to quote my mentor for the end of this report: "you did some things
a little bit too complex, but autoconf/automake can be scary".

Tadas Dailyda

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