Mango Revamp - Progress Report

Hi list, 

I'll finally moved to coding phase for my project. Due to lack of
documentation setting up LDAP part of the mango was not easy. Thanks to
Olav for giving tips for me to replicate LDAP setup on my side. 

I've also granted for svn access to mango module on svn, (due to
security issues write access only given to authors, I could not use my
svn account to write there) having granted that I've created a GSOC_2007
branch. Currently nothing is committed there, but soon I'll start to use

However I'll use my local server as version controlling base for my
work. Since I'll both my desktop and laptop I had to use another fast
access point. The problem is my changes will be committed as bulk to
gnome subversion. Since I could not find any clever solution for this
and most efficient way is this, I'll keep it going that way. (Another
idea was to us svk, which make local repository but even though I used
it, changes would arrive to gnome svn as bulk anyways.) 

Lastly I bought my tickets to UK, I'll arrive on 14th of July and turn
back on 25th of July. I'll have some more days after GUADEC to be spend
in London. 

That's all. 


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