Re: Progress report: changing metacity into a window-and-pointer-manager.

Hi Paulo,

Le mardi 12 juin 2007, à 01:07 -0300, Paulo Zanoni a écrit :
> I was sure I was going to use Xlib-only, but then I saw I had to use
> gdk. Spent a lot more time than expected trying to understand
> metacity's source code, and also spent a little time learning gdk
> XInput functions. Something that I noted is that these gdk XInput
> functions will really have to be changed if gnome applications want to
> deal with MPX. Since this is not my SoC proposal, I'm not planning to
> do this so soon. Maybe after SoC? (or maybe when I realize I will need
> it...).

Do you have a (rough) idea of how hard modifying gdk for this would be?


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