Mango Revamp - Process Report

Hi all,

Sorry for not reporting process of my project for some time, but at
least I'm promised to get a free virtual hug. 

Last week I had my last final of the year. My exams should have finished
at 5th of June, but my last exam postponed to 9th of June, which
extended my plans for free time for SoC. Anyways, at least it finished,
and I can concentrate much more than before to my project. 

I've finally put detailed timeline for my project, on Revamp. And that timeline tells me
that I should complete usable beta before GUADEC to extend necessary
bits there with other system admins. 

As a result of this, I could iterate things on my schedule with faster
pace than before. With the help of Olav (you might know him with his
infamous bkor alias on irc) I already had necessary setup for mango on
my local server. LDAP setup was tricky, and what I see it, more deeper
you go with LDAP, more complicated the issue is. That was a big obstacle
to put things together up to now, and it looks like I overcame that

I've also started to sorting MAINTAINERS list, which is a very boring
part of my project, means I had to check all modules in svn, and prepare
list of maintainers. List is not ready yet, but it needs some pinging
for developers of modules, mostly for less maintained (if any) modules. 

Apart from GSoC, I'm planning to go to GUADEC, god knows maybe we can
take the flag to Turkey for next GUADEC to be organized in Istanbul. 

Finally, I've received "suprise" from Google. A nice book, authographed
by a decent hacker. I've read most of the book already. However I can't
say that I share same opinion for some parts that I'd read up to now
with the author. But still most of it was very insightful, and

Hopefully, I'll be able to write more detailed bits next week. I might
even setup a blog. I did not do that in past, as I ward off diary thing
from my early ages, but I might manage to keep my blog informative (and
most probably boring) in order to go with flow. 

Now, where's my virtual hug? :)

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