SPR 2007-06-11: Foie Gras (application shell)

Hello guys,

sorry for not sending a status report last week, but I'm extremely
busy these days (lot of exams - but hopefully all of them will be done
by Tuesday next week).

I was able to put together a draft of the class diagram - I think it's
pretty important to have something like this, before you begin to hack
on a program (especially if it's created from scratch), it can save
you a lot of hassle and complete rewrites (that's one of the things
I've learned from last year).

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get in touch with my mentor
(shaumn) for the last few weeks, but DonS promised me to help with my
questions, and also ping shaunm (thanks, Don!).

So real coding results can be expected in two weeks!

I'd also like to thank Lucas and Vincent for sorting out the Planet
issue, I'm sure it'll help us a lot to get a bit publicity for our

Szilveszter / phanatic

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