Progress report on Telekinesis

This week I worked on out-of-band file transfers in telepathy-salut[1]
and now I have a working implementation using libsoup for HTTP.

I had some problems with libsoup, first of all I have to use chunked
transfer[2] which is not supported by wget and other programs, so I'm
not sure if it's supported by iChat.
Another problem with libsoup is that it requires a lot of buffer
duplications that could slow down the transfer, I'm going to poke Dan
Winship on IRC to find a solution as soon as possible.

salut-chat[3], my demo command-line chat program, was updated to support
the new features in telepathy-salut.

All my patches to jhbuild have been applied, so now it's possible to
build telekinesis using jhbuild from SVN[4].

Next week will be spent testing the new features and fixing bugs. I also
want to discuss the proposed file transfer spec with the telepathy guys
as there are some problems.


Marco Barisione

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