Progress Report - Evolution - 2007/23


I still have problems receiving mails from this list. I already wrote
Ross, who I think is the admin of this whole mail thing. If things won't
get better, I'll switch to gmail or the like.

Last week I've talked a lot to evolution devs and users, which was
really good. So I got in contact with them and got little help.

But I still have problems with compiling evolution from trunk. Although
I followed the instructions on the wiki[1], I got errors like missing
header files or not finishing ./ (which happens just right now
and I can't see why)
It's very time-consuming to debug, since a make clean && ./ &&
make takes a lot of time :-\

In the meantime I digged through the code and try to understand. I read
the documention and tell the maintainers broken links or typos which
they appreciate.

I just got to know, that I won't get a GUADEC sponsership and my SVN
account still does not work. The latter is not that bad, but I wonder
about accomodation in Birmingham. The wiki page at is still
rather empty.

Well, I hope next is getting better.


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