Gnome Scan Weekly Report 2007/06/04

Hi all,

I received the book "Producing Open Source Software" from Google ! Thank
you Google !

The last week was smaller but i was able to add nice features and fix

I implemented mass acquisition in GSane, so now, you if you select
"Automatic Document Feeder", the software tries to acquire as much
frames as possible.

Added paper size/orientation support. This option is not fully
implemented. This is shown in a new "Format" front option group.

Added gnome_scan_exit() and fixed deinitialization (still needs work).

I implemented basic preview (no area selection yet). The preview
acquisition and processing is now monitored. Preview use save-pixbuf
Gegl op i made last week and which is now part of the public operation
set of Gegl. I even created a nice "scan-preview" icon.

I updated README, added DESIGN, added TODO generation from Anjuta
TODO.tasks, use realnamed in ChangeLog instead of login, etc. In order
to make the project friendlier for both users and developers.

I took the time to put on paper some ideas for preview. I need to have a
modular preview action handling. This meand that i have a base
PreviewArea which show an image and then, i can connect several "plugin"
that will handle area selection, rotation, color pick up, etc. This way,
application will be able to add more feature to the preview tab. Gnome
Scan 0.5 is definitly less hardcoded :)

This week, i'll be away. I will develop a gnome-scan using my laptop,
however, the amount of work won't be as high as during may. I intend to
produce a fulfeatured gnome-scan 0.4 replacement for end june, before
working on OCR for august (i'll be away from keyboard for 3 weeks during
July, like last year).

Verso l'Alto !

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