soc report for photobooth-like application for the GNOME-desktop (cheese)


after some time of winter sleep ba to work! (actually i was learning 
for my exams ;))

my objectifying task is finally finished. i created a working gobject
for my pipeline, which gets data from the webcam and puts it on the
screen. when im doing the video-thing, i will convert that object into
an abstract one.

i also finally implemented some effectv-effects, unfortunately im to
lazy to create a screenshot, but i will create one, after my final
problem is resolved.

==will be done==
i want to do a release, so that other people can test it. this will be
done, when my problem is found (see below) and some optimizations are
made. hopefully next week.

==problems i ran into==

now, my final problem is some memory-problem, at least i think, that it
is ;) it seems, that in certain passages, especially when changing the
effects, its kinda slow. i will put it through some profiler and look
forward to find some memory leaks or optimizations.

==open things==
- im accepted for guadec sponsorship, who else?

best regards, daniel

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