Re: Report: Brave New X11 World

I believe byzanz can do something like this:


That is exactly what I wanted, thank you very much!

what would be cool is a special GtkContainer that is constrained to only
take on certain sizes (as acquired from xrandr.  eg: 640x480, 800x600,
etc).  this container would know about its position on the root window
and could notify X to drive the CRTC for that position.

this container could then be used by totem, presentation applications,

That is similar to another idea I was thinking of. Basically, if using
selections is not possible due to the clone area needing to be the
same size/ratio of the target display device, I was planning on having
either a tray icon or a panel applet that would function as follows:

click the applet/icon, a list decends. In the list is each available
output device. Moving the mouse over one of the output devices
provides options to manipulate that device. Options could be:
 -disable device / enable device
 -change resolution (further sub-menu? opens a dialog?)
 -clone area

if clone area was selected, a box the size of the current resolution
of the device would appear on the screen. The user could drag the box
to the desired location and click to clone that area. Maybe at that
point, we could use the compositing tricks you mentioned (if
compositing is available) to ensure that only the content of the
window that was present in the selection is outputted. On the other
hand, that could be quite annoying. There would be many cases, like if
you were giving a presentation, where you might want to drag something
into the cloned area so it is visible to the audience...

Thanks for the ideas and tips guys!


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