status report - Bluetooth stuff

Hi everyone,

So I finished the first phase of my project. obex-data-server has
support for doing all client operations (like sending/receiving/deleting
files, browsing/creating folders). By "all client operations" I mean
those defined in "Object Push" and "File Transfer" OBEX profiles. Of
course this functionality is already available in some libraries like
osso-gwobex, but implementing this as a D-Bus service has several
1) You don't have to write language bindings. It can be used by any
language that has D-Bus support;
2) Connections to remote devices can be managed in one place.

Current code can be checked out from subversion repository[1].

>From now on I'm gonna work on implementing OBEX server. I might also
start doing some UI code.

[1] svn://

Tadas Dailyda

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