Mango Revamp / Final Report

Hi List;

Sorry for not giving much information throughout the project. It was
always procrastration of sending mails for some reason, and lots of
draft e-mails were just removed without sending to list. I wanted to
start my final report with this excuse. 

Even though it was totally nice experience for me, last week of the GSoC
was really problematic for me, not due to GSoC itself, but for my
personal problem. It's all that Murphy law is proven to be right. I did
not have accesible internet connection so some parts of the project left
to this week, hopefully i'm doing the last touches (for GSoC) and my
project will be totally complete feature-wise tomorrow. 

The accomplishment for mango is not gigantic but not trivial either, as
expected. Now mango has module support so that there will be central
list of modules for gnome. This will let easy maintaining of other stuff
apart from user accounts. 

I had to add/recode lots of parts in the previous mango source. Also
needed to add new ldap metadata as well. Though that's just the
beginning. A real refactoring for mango should be done (I'm volunteer
for that!!! :) to make it an actual product. Maybe other mid/big size
projects like the idea of mango and start to use it. But currently it's
not in usable shape for other projects. 

To sum up, what mango does for accounts team is what I've planned on my
* It verify the data for new accounts
* It verifies mail of new account
* It asks approval for maintainers
* Let maintainers to easily approve/reject requests
* Finally, let accounts team to easily create/reject account in one

Once the module list is complete, (since not all modules has maintainer
data with them it isn't ready yet, but thanks to Olav it's progressing I
guess) we will be able to deploy this system for actual usage. Maybe
some couple of days of test necessary in order to be sure that it has
sufficient security precautions in it. I paid enough attention to that,
but more eyes are always better. 

Well hopefully, a big problem for account management will be resolved by
this project. As all of us, I really wanted to put something that GNOME
will benefit, and when I saw this in "Rock Stars" I thought someone
should give a hand for this project. So here it is. 

I want to thank organization admins for accepting my project, and Olav,
for invaluable help. 

Baris Cicek

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