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Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We didn't send a summary of what got done during the Summer of Code to
> the community. It'd be fantastic if each student could write a paragraph
> or two explaining what they did, how the work will be used, etc.
> This is something we could then use to write a GNOME Journal article and
> to send a summary to foundation-list (and also to Google people to show
> what we achieved with Google's money).
> Thanks,
> Vincent

Hello Everyone!

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Frederic
Peters and Nagappan in addition to my mentors Varadhan and Emily Chen
who have taken so much of their time off to answer all my annoying
emails :-)

LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project)[1] is an automated test framework
which uses the Accessibility libraries of GNOME. Python bindings are
provided in order to create test scripts for GNOME/
Swing/Mozilla based applications.

jhbuild[2] is an automated build script for building Gnome from source.
jhbuild also takes care of the dependency issues involved in building
the software. What jhbuild lacked however was support for automated test
frameworks[3] (which is all the more important since we would like to
catch the bugs as soon as it gets into CVS). I have added generic
support for test frameworks in jhbuild. Execution and reporting of LDTP
scripts have been completely integrated into jhbuild. jhautobuild[4] and
tinderbox also show the  results of the LDTP tests[5]

In addition to the jhbuild enhancements, I have also written a
regression suite[6]for LDTP, automation scripts for Evolution 2.6[7] and
 gnome-dictionary[8]. In the process I have also added a number of bug
fixes[9] to LDTP's existing framework.

My complete summary (with a few screencasts) is posted at


Thank You,
- --
Prashanth Mohan

P.S I am sorry if my mail has more links than text ;-).
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