Re: Writing a summary of the SoC results


Here is the GnomeScan summary.

Gnome has a huge lake in scan support. During the summer, I designed a
glib binding on top of SANE, named libgnomescan. Based on this library,
i build a set of widget in order to build consistend scan dialog. Those
widget are in libgnomescanui. I build a tiny app, named flegita, that
allow to as simply as possible scan a picture and write it to a file in
PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF format. I also wrote a Gimp plugin that reuse
libgnomescanui widgets. The plugin, named flegita-gimp, allow to create
a new image from a scan or import a scanned image directly as a layer.

Since the end of the SoC, i released some bugfix release that where
packaged for edgy/universe (thanks to Motus and especially seb128). I
have just implemented basic (buggy) mass acquisition that take advantage
of ADF of devices. I use a system of "atomic acquisition". This mean
that when user start an acquisition, the acquisition does not end at the
first image, the user has to stop the acquisition, or click next if they
want to continue the acquisition. This allow painless mass acquisition,
even if you have a simple scanner : configure the scan, put your photo,
click acquire, put the second photo, click next and loop.

I still need to add a lot of workarounds in libgnomescan to handle
various quirks in various SANE backend. However, I guess Gnome Scan will
be ready for day to day use with Gnome 2.18 release. That's a huge
challenge. I intend to follow as most as possible the Gnome 2.17
roadmap :)

Yeah, i talk more than one paragraphe :)

Verso l'Alto !

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