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Hey All,

I worked on the GStreamer Graphical Pipeline Editor.  The Graphical Pipeline Editor is an app designed for developers writing apps that use the GStreamer framework for multimedia.  It enables one to easily organize and plug together individual GStreamer elements as well as tweak their parameters in a more intuitive graphical editor environment.  This enables developers of VJ, DJ, recording, Music library, etc. apps to focus on the features and interface of their application and not have to dig down into the bits and codecs at the lower layers. 

My mentor was the very talented Edward Hervey.  Our project involved a complete re-write of the app from scratch for gstreamer-0.10.  It was decided that the best approach would be to write the app using python.  Python made for very fast, extensible development and much easier debugging.  As this app is not meant for high performance multi-media and the underlying GStreamer code is written in highly optimized C, python did not pose any speed problems.  I'm actually planning to use this code and experience on some of my thesis work.

The app as it stands does not allow full access to the entire GStreamer framework, but it is already quite usable for developers testing simple to complex pipelines.  School has bogged me down a bit over the last month but I should have a bit more time for fixes and some new features in the near future. 

Many thanks to Edward, the #gstreamer crew, GNOME and of course Google.

For more info: - My Dev Blog (includes screenshots and screencasts) - GStreamer Main Site


On 10/15/06, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Hi everyone,

We didn't send a summary of what got done during the Summer of Code to
the community. It'd be fantastic if each student could write a paragraph
or two explaining what they did, how the work will be used, etc.

This is something we could then use to write a GNOME Journal article and
to send a summary to foundation-list (and also to Google people to show
what we achieved with Google's money).



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