Universal Key & Button Simulation in Gnome Shell

Hi folks. Just sharing some ideas.

Considering I use a lot the Super key, in the keyboard, in Gnome Shell
to alternate between applications and virtual desktops, without
needing of taskbars and other buttons, I would like to be able to
simulate the Super key in my simple mouse (just 3 or less buttons) to
do it just with one hand. I think we could simulate new buttons on a
simple mouse for people who don't want to buy a new mouse to have more

Someone suggested that I use the "Easystroke Gesture Recognition"
application. In my opinion, the application is very interesting (does
anyone know if it's finally working on Wayland?) and, at the same
time, I am looking for something much simpler, so that, just
simulating a new button on a mouse found widely on the market. Anyway,
this thinking expanded my perspectives.

Considering a shortcut could be considered a key or button simulation,
because we are "creating" a new exclusive key/button, I think the
session "Keyboard Shortcuts" in Gnome Settings could be transformed
into "Key & Button Shortcuts" to create any shortcut for any key or
button combination of any peripheral, so including keyboard, mouse and
touchpad key and buttons combinations initially. Even though I prefer
to keep things simple, considering the actual "Keyboard Shortcuts"
session, to open this possibility is not so complex.

For example, focusing on the mouse button simulation (or shortcut), I
could define that if I press the left + middle button together, or if
I press and hold by one second the middle button, this is like I press
the Super key in the keyboard. So, the user could be able to define
the best way to simulate the Super key, or any other key or button,
using any other buttons and keys combinations of any other
peripherals, depending on their need.

I hope this could improve the possibilities of usability of Gnome Shell.

Just a last comment, I read in some place that someone is working to
improve the touchpad gestures functionalities in Gnome Shell: this is
great for a while. I guess we will use each more screen touch,
voice/gestures/thinking command in the future...

Hugs and Cheers.

Shaba Piffer
Consultant, Facilitator and Project Designer

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