Terminal stty? reprint on backspace?


I have been trying to solve a particular issue what has annoyed me for
some time.

It's an uncommon request, apparently, and a little complicated.

I will simply explain the issue -- as best I can.

When I backspace in gnome-terminal (or any terminal in linux), I would
like the current line I am working on (I have not yet pressed carriage
return), to reprint to the console, if I have received any new content
to the terminal output.

I am not sure if that description is adequate enough.

An example, if I type say ping at the terminal, I receive, as
expected lines from the ping reply.

If i type anything into the terminal window, my text shows up, but as I
receive new data, it becomes unclear as it gets lost in the replies.

On MacOS (and in the past in debian), when I backspace, my current text
(before any CR) is auto refilled/reprinted to the console. That is
exactly the behavior that i want. I remember having this same issue in
the past, and I had to change some configuration settings (not exactly
where or what, unfortunately), but i think to .bashrc.

As best as I can figure, it might have to do with stty? And setting it
to "reprnt" on the backspace? But, I really have no idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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