Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts in Gnome Shell

Hello All.

I would like to make a suggestion and I don't know if this is the right place. So, I will try it. If this message is not appropriate, I ask for orientation for a best way to send this message.

I observe the Super button, in the keyboard, is very important for the usability of Gnome Shell considering, I guess, the way like Gnome is designed to be used for.

So, I would like to be able to simulate the Super button in my simple mouse (just 3 or less buttons), not the touchpad (we could do this also for the touchpad - I know Gnome team is working to improve the touchpad gestures functionalities), because I could improve my workflow just with one hand. :)

We could activate this functionality in the Gnome Settings. This could be included in the session "Mouse & Touchpad" or session "Keyboard Shortcuts" could be transformed into "Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts". In this way, we also could be able to create shortcuts for the mouse.

For example, I could define that if I press the left + middle button together this is like I press the Super button in the keyboard. Another possibility to simulate the Super button pressing it could be if I press and hold by one second the middle button in the mouse. So, the user could be able to define the best way to simulate the Super button in the mouse, and other shortcuts if desirable - including the combination of the keyboard buttons and the mouse buttons, by the Gnome Settings.

I hope this will improve the possibilities of usability of Gnome Shell.

Thank you so much for the effort, enthusiasm and work of all Gnome members and contributors. Gnome is great.

Hugs and Cheers.

Shaba Piffer
Consultant, Facilitator and Project Designer
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