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Hi Marco,

On Tue, 2016-07-12 at 22:43 +0200, Marco Martin wrote:
n Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:16 AM, Narcis Garcia <informatica actiu net>
When you look for LXDE themes (and parts), many people recommends
use of some Gtk3 themes.

are they actually combined in one single theme? (I guess the same
question is valid for themes of the LXDE shell)
my question is more about: are gnome-shell themes and gtk3 themes
completely disjointed entities, or one is let's say a "subset" of the

GNOME Shell themes and GTK+ themes are completely separate: they use
different files, different assets and even different CSS dialects,
because they are different toolkits.
You can mix-and-match GTK and GNOME Shell themes freely, although it
might not look good.

The GNOME Shell theme is responsible for the GNOME Shell UI: the top
panel, the activity overview, the system modal dialogs (the translucent
black ones) and the system menus at the top left. It is also
responsible for the lock screen and login dialog.
The GTK+ theme is responsible for GTK+ apps and their widgets.

Additionally, GNOME Shell will load the GTK+ theme for server-side
window decorations (window titlebar and buttons). These are applied to
GTK+ 3 apps that don't use a headerbar (fancy titlebar with multiple
controls) on X11, plus GTK+ 2 and Qt 4 apps on all platforms (even
though GTK+ 2 and Qt 4 would use a different theme format for the
inside of the window).

GNOME Shell Extensions on the other hand are little pieces of
executable code that get loaded by the shell to change its behavior.
Extensions can do anything that code can: show buttons, dialogs, menus,
notifications, take over or change global keybindings, modify the
layout of the activity overview. The only limitation is the lock
screen, where extensions are disabled.
If an extension uses the standard controls, its appearance will depend
on the shell theme loaded. If an extension ships with a custom css
file, it might look ugly if a non-default theme is loaded.

Hope this helps,


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