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On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 10:43 AM, Narcis Garcia <informatica actiu net> wrote:
I'm using Gnome 3.8 in wide range of computers (in Trusty) and there is
a problem with the inverse situation (low resolution): font scale can be
tweaked, but not the rest of elements (icons, buttons, bars, etc.)

El 17/05/15 a les 01:10, Alfredo Hernández ha escrit:
I reckon most if these errors are because of GTK+2. All of the issues
you've listed seem to be directly related to apps not updated to GTK+3.


On 16 May 2015 22:30, "Iban Eguia" <iem10393 gmail com
<mailto:iem10393 gmail com>> wrote:

    Hi, guys, I've just bought a new computer with HiDPI display, and
    I'm experiencing some issues with it. I suppose that most of them
    will not be related to Ubuntu GNOME as a distribution, but in any
    case, I wanted to sum them up here so that you could tell me if
    they're related to the distribution, to GNOME or to specific
    applications. And, if it is the case that some of them could be
    solved from the distribution itself maybe we could do something
    about it, and I include myself, as I'm finishing my IT degree and
    maybe I could contribute. So, since I don't want to extend myself
    much longer, here I summarize these issues:

      * Icons too small in save/load windows: Even if the icons in
        Nautilus are fine, in the load/save windows, (such as when I try
        to save something from Firefox or I open something in
        LibreOffice appear too small, and its difficult to see them

I have no idea what you mean here those should be fine.

      * Icons too small in some applications: In Filezilla or
        ProjectLibre, I see that the icons are really small, what leads
        to an unpleasant user experience. I think that this is only
        related to certain applications, so probably they don't fit as a
        bug of the distribution.

Those are indeed application specific. Currently mostly only GTK3
applications support
HIDPI ... QT5 ones do if you set an env var.

      * In some circumstances, the cursor changes to Low DPI: For
        example, in Tweetdeck in Firefox or in Telegram Desktop, the
        cursor, only in some sections changes back to Low DPI and it's
        shown really small. I have seen this happen with the zoom
        cursor, with the hand cursor and with the text cursor.

Never seen something like this ... did the application override the
cursor (theme)?

      * Chrome totally lacks HiDPI support: I guess this should be a bug
        report for Google, but as I'm trying to summarize all the errors
        I find I include it here.

This is/will be fixed with Chrome 43 (not really a gnome issue).

      * Firefox does not adapt by default to HiDPI: I had to change
        Firefox settings in about:config so that web pages didn't show
        so small.

This is fixed in Firefox 38 (again not really a gnome issue).

      * In Skype, all the interface is really small: Apart from being
        totally outdated, Skype is not adapted to HiDPI: All the fonts
        and interfaces are really small and only adapted to low-DPI. I
        understand this is a Microsoft issue.

Fonts should adapt because we set xft-dpi as for the rest yeah ...
they'd probably have to port
it to QT5 to get proper hidpi support.

      * Spotify is not adapted to HiDPI: As it happens with Skype, it
        has  all the fonts and interfaces only adapted to low-DPI.

    Of course I understand that most of these can't be seen as bugs of
    the distribution, but I think that should be noted so as to
    understand better what is left to do with HiDPI displays both from
    the distribution perspective and from the contributors perspective.
    In any case, I'll try to report most of them to the respective
    developer communities.

Well the way forward for legacy apps that will probably never support
hidpi is to let the compositor do the scaling.
This requires wayland though see

Otherwise just file bugs for the applications; the issues you noted
aren't really gnome specific.

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