RE: gnome-3.16.x without systemd

From: dantrell mirthil org [mailto:dantrell mirthil org] 
Sent: Wednesday, 24 June, 2015 17:40
To: john frankish outlook com
Subject: Re: gnome-3.16.x without systemd

I came across your post by chance. To answer your question, it is indeed possible for GNOME 3.16 to work 
without systemd.

I have actually been maintaining a patchset that reintegrates support for Session Tracking and Power 
A recent version of the most directly related files can be found here:
I have a newer version but I'm not quite ready to share it.
If you let me know what operating system you use, I may to be able to help you expedite matters.
In fact, if you use Gentoo or Funtoo Linux you can be using GNOME 3.16 without systemd as fast as you can 
compile it.
Dantrell B.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I'm using the 64-bit version of tinycorelinux on which I have gnome-3.10.x working without problems.

I've compiled everything for gnome-3.16.x, but cannot post the various extensions (packages) to the 
tinycorelinux repo as gnome-session will not run.

As posted, gnome-shell fails to register with gnome-session, but without any error messages to go on, I'm 
unable to fix things.

I had a quick look at the site you mention, but I don't see any patches that stand out as being likely to fix 
my problem?

Thanks again

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