Re: Problems with "launch at startup" script

Around about 15/05/14 19:32, rastersoft scribbled ...
Yes, mine is a Performance MX too, and I also swap to the thumb one... :)
Thanks for your trick, I'll try it now.

Ah, as it happens, I was actually referring to the “back” button on the side, that's the thumb one in my head :-)

I use the bottom “thumb” button (“apps/windows” icon) for the gnome-shell overview (as well as the Windows key or <Alt-F1>).

  I have:

# GNOME Shell overview
"xdotool key 'Super+F1'"
release + b:10

# Raise-lower - DOS key
"xdotool key 0x1008FF5A"

.. running xbindkey at startup (another .desktop file in autostart).

  Then dconf has the setting:

.. so I have the bottom thumb button for overview [toggle] and the wheel-click button becomes raise-lower (b:8 a that's what I swapped with b:2). Just for example.

I picked “DOS” as a raw unused key, since I was having issues with raise-lower defined against a modified-key (say <Alt-Ctrl-L>) and xbindkey+gnome-shell. It often seemed to give out odd control sequences to the current window upon first trigger instead of being picked up as a key mapping. Dunno why. Other meta mappings work, like the overview one.

[phoenix fnx ~]# rm -f .signature
[phoenix fnx ~]# ls -l .signature
ls: .signature: No such file or directory
[phoenix fnx ~]# exit

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