Re: Windows List extension

On Fri, 2012-11-02 at 01:30 -0400, Guillaume Saumure wrote:
> I currently use the "Windows List extension" to make Gnome-Shell more 
> usable on desktop and even on laptop computer. Unfortunately, someone as 
> been modify this extension to make it to work in an unusable way by 
> grouping the Windows buttons. I have try to modify the source code of 
> this extension for months without success to make it to work as I want to.

> But let's talk about the Gnome-Shell overall design. 

If you want to do that -
(a) that discussion is kind of over
(b) it is much better to do that on the IRC channel where developers
actively discuss such things.
(c) if there is an overall design problem you should create an issue in
bugzilla, where developers actually look for reports of problems.

> The designer are sure that we use a single program for single task.

No, I think this is a serious oversimplification.   The assumption is
that you perform a task on a workspace.

> Sorry but it's not the case for me. For example when I use PureBasic to 
> create a program I have :

Sure, same thing here.  To develop on OpenGroupware Coils generally
requires a terminal window or two, geany, thg, and nautilus.   But I
don't see the problem;  GNOME3 Shell supports this just fine.

> As you can see, I have to switch between 6 different windows and doing 
> this in "Gnome-Shell" + "Windows List extension" with the "Button 
> Grouping" it's a real nightmare. Because PureBasic program create 3 
> different windows, "Windows List extension" just group them. An option 
> exist to "Expand Group" but expanded group buttons don't work. Clicking 
> on button do nothing !
> With Gnome-Shell alone without extension, no words exist to describe how 
> painful it is because it's clearly create for a Tablet instead of 
> desktop computer !

Computers have *keyboards*,  Alt-Tab & Alt-Tick  ... many times faster
than a window list.  I learned to whip around in windows pretty quickly,
much faster than I did before [because I originally thought the lack of
a task-bar / window-list was just nuts... I was wrong].

This accuse-the-gnome-developers-of-thinking-everything-is-a-tablet is
old, tired, boring, and most importantly *not true*.

> One Window = One Button in the list
> One Button in the list has a simple right click menu with "Minimize", 
> "Maximize" and, "Close" command on the corresponding window. No Window 
> thumbnail, no button grouping, no useless application name inside the 
> right click menu.

You will generally get more notice and help if you stop referring to
things as "useless" and similar terms. Perhaps it useless *for you*,  it
sure as *@&*(@ isn't useless for someone using a screen reader or having
some other impairment.  Don't speak as though your perspective is the
one true perspective.

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