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Hello everyone,

I currently use the "Windows List extension" to make Gnome-Shell more usable on desktop and even on laptop computer. Unfortunately, someone as been modify this extension to make it to work in an unusable way by grouping the Windows buttons. I have try to modify the source code of this extension for months without success to make it to work as I want to.

But let's talk about the Gnome-Shell overall design. The designer are sure that we use a single program for single task.

Sorry but it's not the case for me. For example when I use PureBasic to create a program I have :

PureBasic IDE (one window)
PureBasic help file (one window)
PureBasic debugger output (one window)
Dev-Type (one window) --> It's custom program I have created to generate a large amount of code for me in no time PB Code Snippet (one window) --> It's custom program I have created to manage many code snippet and template evince with OpenCL reference pdf file (one window) --> sometime it's a different pdf file FireFox (one window) --> I have to read and write information in the PureBasic Forum

As you can see, I have to switch between 6 different windows and doing this in "Gnome-Shell" + "Windows List extension" with the "Button Grouping" it's a real nightmare. Because PureBasic program create 3 different windows, "Windows List extension" just group them. An option exist to "Expand Group" but expanded group buttons don't work. Clicking on button do nothing !

With Gnome-Shell alone without extension, no words exist to describe how painful it is because it's clearly create for a Tablet instead of desktop computer !

Many months ago I have reported a bug with "Windows List extension" and LibreOffice programs. When I create a technical document I use "Rhinoceros 3D" (a Windows only program running with WINE) to create graphics (bmp image files) then I use "The Gimp V2.6" to add fine touch to the Images then I integrate them in my document.

Again 3 different programs to do single task. The problem is : I use "Rhino3D" to create, render and save rendered scene, then I switch to "The Gimp" to edit, and finally ... hold a moment ... where is the "LibreOffice Writer" windows list button ? It just vanish even if the program is still running !

So can someone, with an advanced knowledge of JavaScript (something I can't do my self otherwise it will be done by now) can create a basic "Windows List Extension" with :

One Window = One Button in the list
One Button in the list has a simple right click menu with "Minimize", "Maximize" and, "Close" command on the corresponding window. No Window thumbnail, no button grouping, no useless application name inside the right click menu.

Thanks beforehand and best regards.

Guillaume Saumure

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