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Le 2012-11-02 02:44, Amy a écrit :

You will probably get a better response if you ask at the window list github repository[0].

Re the feature requestion about min/max/close buttons, I wrote some code for that extension to do this, here's the corresponding pull request/issue (waiting for siefkenj to tweak it) [1].

Re grouping buttons, I'm fairly sure there is an option to set this right up the top of the code in extension.js:

const OPTIONS = {
    GROUP_BY_APP: true // <---

I think the overall thing to remember is patience! In general those who write extensions are doing so on their own free time, and certainly for me there's very little of that lying around (I have to take leave if I want the time to work on my extensions, because I have too many other things to do!). And as something that's a hobby rather than a job, the dev certainly isn't obliged to actively develop/maintain the extension.

Also, sometimes the dev writes an extension to fix a little thing that has been niggling them, but is not necessarily interested in maintaining the extension (they adjust their workflow and no longer wish to modify the behaviour, they switch shells, or like me you're *still* on 3.2 at work so no need to write for later versions, ...)

If you don't like window list because it doesn't quite suit your needs (grouping by application etc), perhaps you could try some of the other similar extensions on e.g.o? panel-docklet, frippery bottom panel, there's one like window list but shows icons instead, there's numerous task-bar-like extensions, ... (try searching window or dock or panel or bar and you'll get a whole host of options).

Good luck!


Hello again,

1st : I have study and try to modify many modification of the extension source code for months. Changing the GROUP_BY_APP constant value to false actually ungroup application button. But clicking on these buttons does absolutely nothing. All attempts to create a new extension based on the original code not just don't work but make the entire system to crash.

2nd : I have reviewed all available extension but no one are even close to what I want. This the main reason why I have send me previous message. Otherwise, I will not waste my to write it.

3rd : I use Gnome-Shell V3.4.2 and I'm planning to upgrade from LinuxMint 13 to LinuxMint 14 in November or December. If so, I will not be able to install the V3.4.2 and probably have to install V3.6.1. If so I will not use Gnome-Shell any longer, period.

4th : As I have try to explain to the author of the "Windows List extension", I have to learn how to create a functional JavaScript before to do anything else. But doing this will force me to put on hold all of my important project and do the job my self. I DON'T HAVE THE TIME ! My projects have been delayed several months, I can not waste any seconds to make this extension to work properly.

So if no one can create a new more simple and operational "Windows List extension", please just ignore all of my messages and continue to do your duty.

Best regards

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