Re: Prev/next buttons and windows queue in the shell

Ok, here are the link. Sorry.

Le 13/03/2012 17:57, Enjolras a écrit :

I really love the new maximise style of GNOME 3.3, and the new "web" look for epiphany. It helps focusing on one thing at the time by forcing us to serialize our workflow. So, why don't implement the same ideas in the shell ?

The issues described [1] here and the solutions proposed [2] here. A simple "prev" button could really improve the shell experience by providing an easy way to switch windows. A window queue could be a plus, to delay the focus of an application (for instance, when reading a mail, you could open a web URL, finish reading your mail, and finally pop the "web" application to start reading the web page).

beside that, thanks for your wonderful work, making gnome better.

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