Re: Disconnect signals without id?

In GNOME 3.4 there was a .disconnectAll() method -


I'm not sure if it exists in 3.6. Also, this really does disconnect all signals, including ones that you might want to listen to and ones that other extensions might be listening to.

good luck!

On 27 December 2012 08:48, Sam Bull <sam hacking sent com> wrote:
Hi again,

Thanks to Norman, my extension is now usable, and pending review. But,
there are still some things to be improved.

My next question, is it possible to disconnect a signal without any ID?

For my extension to work perfectly, I need to disconnect a signal that
is created in ViewSelector, and it doesn't store the signal ID. Is there
some way to disconnect a signal without it's ID, or some kind of
disconnect_all method?

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